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How the Net Promoter Score is used with the WOW Promoter Video Review Testimonial App and Kiosk in small businesses in America.


Net Promoter Score

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a unique synthesis of academic rigor with hard-nosed business pragmatism.
Since its 2003 publication in the Harvard Business Review (HBR), the Net Promoter Score has transformed the, often awkward, process of measuring customer satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.
Video testimonial reviews, in 2018, are set to transform this measure once again.

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The Process to Acquire a Client Video Testimonial

The Net Promoter Score(R) is a simple question that ask customers of a specific business…

"After doing business with us, would you recommend our product of service to a friend or a family member?"

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The customer’s answer is given on a scale of zero-to-ten, higher scores indicating greater willingness to personally advocate for your business.

A score of a ‘9’ or a ‘10’ are the best scores and are categorized as ‘Promoters’ of you business.

These are your BEST customers. They will sing your praises and tell their friends and family to go get services from you.

These people will be your customers, patients and clients for LIFE!

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'Passives' and 'Detractors'

Scores of ‘7’ or ‘8’ are ‘Passive Customers’.

These people have NOT been surprised and delighted sufficiently to advocate on your behalf. If they were to see a competitors’ advetisement tomorrow, they might be persuaded to seek services and product from that business, instead of your business.

Scores of ‘6’ and below are ‘Detractors’.

These people are actively unhappy, for whatever reason, and are unlikely to even return to your business, unless they have no other choice.