Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of your most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

How does the WOW Promoter video testimonial app work?


The app collects video testimonials at the point-of-sale where the customer is most likely to experience surprise and delight with your service or product. 

The app can work on an Android or an iOs device (tablet or phone). 

You can use the app as a stand-alone or with our branded Kiosk.

Do I need the kiosk?

No.  You can use the app as a stand-alone with yor own phone or tablet (see above). 

The kiosk frees you from guiding the customer and prompting them to use the app. 

We believe the busy business owner will obtain better results, more testimonials and be more productive by combining the app with the branded kiosk.

Who benefits from the WOW Promoter video testimonial app?


Small businesses owners who need a constant stream of new customers to maintain or grow their businesses. 

Low-cost video on social media will allow you to advertise to your local community using the authentic voice of your CURRENT customer speaking to their friends and neighbors, your NEW customers.

What does a business need to be successful with video testimonials?


A ‘prompt’ at the point-of-sale that alerts the customer to give a testimonial or guide within your space to ask for the testimonial.

You can design your own prompt – such as a poster or a Lobby TV loop – or, you can use the specially-designed branded kiosk with custom images and your own logo.

The kiosk 'unplugs' you and your team from the testimonial process - allowing you to remain productive at your main task.

Where should I put the kiosk?


Many of our medical clients - podiatrists, chiropractors and physical therapists - ask this question - "Do I put the kiosk in my waiting room or in my examination room?"  

The answer to this depends on where your patients/clients experience that moment of surprise and delight - that WOW! moment when they realize their experience is much better than they anticipated. 

Another way to look at this, using the Net Promoter Scale (NPS), is where in your practice/business does your patient/client give you a '9' or a '10' NPS?

When can I get the kiosk?


Delivery time of the white, desktop kiosk is 4-6 weeks from the order placement.

You will need to supply a hi-resolution, scale-able (vector) graphic of your logo.  

You will also select whether or not you want the relevant social media icons (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Reviews, etc) branded on the front-facing bezel of the kiosk.  

What are benefits to the Business Owner of using the WOW Promoter?


1. Get validation from your existing customers who LOVE your service.
2. Get NEW customers who see your testimonial videos on social media.
3. Increase new of top-of-funnel website visitors seeking awareness of your service.
4. Take visitors from engagement to action with emotionally connecting content.
5. Gain low-cost video advertisement content for the Web.
6. Improve the ROI on your existing Web content such as your website and social media channels.
7. Partner with successful business leaders in the healthcare and internet marketing space.
8. Gain powerful video evidence of your customer outcomes with BEFORE/AFTER images and videos.

What does the WOW Promoter cost?


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