WOW Promoter Team

Tim Richardson

WOW Sales & Marketing

​Tim has been a physical therapist and a small business owner for many years and he has seen the power of testimonial videos to change peoples' lives and grow their business.  Tim is excited about the enormous impact social media has had on small business in recent years and the potential for customer testimonials to help small business owners.

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Kuntal Mehta

WOW Development Team

Project Manager

Seashore Solutions is a technology shop with highly qualified on-demand engineers. The use the Agile Methodology and offer Premium Customer Service.


Jimi Bush

WOW Webmaster

WebMark DesignZ is an independently owned an operated design & marketing agency. Serving clients across the U.S., Jimi's core focus is helping small businesses scale through effective web & marketing strategies.


T: 941-623-6109    

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