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Describe how Chiropractors can capture client video testimonials for online success


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As healthcare practitioners, we've seen the power of 'social proof' - video testimonials online.
Your current customes will gain confidence in your skills when they see their friends make online referrals. New customers will be reassured that you are the best and they will call to make an appointment.

Desktop Kiosk

Desktop Kiosk

You Are the BEST!

ONLY continue to read this if you are already one of the BEST in your profession. Your patients will tell you if you are... or not.

If you are one of the BEST chiropractors in your community, you have an opportunity to dramatically improve your web and social media marketing to acquire NEW patients.

Tradeshow Kiosk

Tradeshow Kiosk

Video Testimonials

You may already have testimonials on the wall of your office - grateful patients, celebrities, athletes and friends who have written a testimonial for you - you may already have these displayed on the walls of your office!

Download the App to your phone from the Google Play store

Download the App to your phone from the Google Play store

Social Proof

These testimonials offer 'social proof' of the excellence of the work you do.

Now, with Video Testimonial Apps you can automatically publish these testimonials to the Web - to social media platforms of your choice: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Gain public recognition of your good works - in your patients' own words!

Gain low-cost advertising on the new video channels of the next generation.

Grow Your Business

You've got to continually acquire new patients to grow your practice - the new social media marketing platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram can lower your advertising costs.

Learn how to ask your CURRENT clients to give you video testimonials.