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Describe how Chiropractors can capture client video testimonials for online success


Once upon a time there was a chiropractor - she was the best chiropractor in all the land - all her patients told her so! But, her clinic was half-empty on some days because she spent all her time on patient care and didn't have a strong marketing program that advertised her value to her friends and neighbors in the local community.

She had spent money on advertising before - printed direct mail, postcards, newspaper, magazine ads, radio and TV - all with little return.

So, she kept her nose down, stayed in her lane, and kept seeing patients. And, her patients kept telling her, "You are the best! We've been to other doctors but we think your service is better!"

Sometimes a new patient would find her through word-of-mouth from current patients. But, she had no way to promoe or control word-of-mouth except by continuing to do good work and get her patients better.

Alas, her practice stayed half-empty on some days - and her profits stayed the same. The money just wasn't there.

Then, one day, as she was working hard to heal her patients, she learned of a new technology that would allow her to remain in the clinic helping people but capture the exact moment of surprise and delight when her patients expressed their happiness to her as they recovered from their injuries.

She called this new company and they sent her the new technology. It was simple to set-up and soon she had video testimonials of her patients - 20 or 30 new testimonials every month - being posted to social media for almost no money!

It was like free advertising!

Soon, her clinic was bustling and she had no more days of half-empty schedules. She started thinking about hiring another chiropractor to help her treat people! She was so happy!

You can grow your practice with Video Testimonials

You've seen the power of 'social proof' - written and video testimonials online from Google to Yelp reviews. Now, you can get these, too! You can get video reviews that 10x your customers' confidence!

CURRENT customers will gain confidence in your skills when they see their friends make online referrals.

NEW customers will be reassured that you are the best chiropractor for their needs and they will call to make an appointment.

Desktop Kiosk

Desktop Kiosk

You Are the BEST!

ONLY continue to read this if you are already one of the BEST in your community. Your patients will tell you if you are... or not.

If you are one of the BEST chiropractors in your community, you have an opportunity to dramatically improve your web and social media marketing to acquire NEW patients.

Your business is sitting on a POWERFUL asset - customer testimonials you can use on social media as free advertsing:

Stages of the Customer Journey

  • Awareness stage that talk about the benefits of your product or service to NEW customers.

  • Intent stage targeted to people who know they need your product or service and go online to learn more about their options.

  • Decision stage that offer an incentive to move forward NOW.

  • Action stage that have a strong call-to-action.

Testimonial Wall in a Chiropractor’s Office

Testimonial Wall in a Chiropractor’s Office

Capture Video Testimonials

You may already have testimonials on the wall of your office - grateful patients, celebrities, athletes and friends who have written a testimonial for you - you may already have these displayed on the walls of your office!

Written testimonials have been used for years by chiropractors - the WOW Promoter app simply moves this analog process into a digital format and automates the steps.

The kiosk is a strong visual cue for your patients that says "Leave Your Testimonial HERE!" The kiosk will work in your waiting room or at your checkout counter - you don't have to do the work!

Build a process in your business that frees your time - your ultimate scarce resource! Allow the process to work, gain more patients and make more money.

Download the App to your phone from the Google Play store

Download the App to your phone from the Google Play store

Show Social Proof to Your Customers

These testimonials offer 'social proof' of the excellence of the work you do.

Now, with Video Testimonial Apps you can automatically publish these testimonials to the Web - to social media platforms of your choice: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and more.

Gain public recognition of your good works - in your patients' own words!

Gain low-cost advertising on the new video channels of the next generation.

Grow Your Business

You've got to continually acquire new patients to grow your practice - the new social media marketing platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram can lower your advertising costs.

Learn how to ask your CURRENT clients to give you video testimonials.