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Small Business Owners' Social Media Success Tips

Time-saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Add ONE New Client Per Day...

What would be the impact on your business of just ONE new client per day?

Most of my clients are chiropractors, personal trainers, physical therapists - so one per day is a reasonable goal.

BUT, If you are an orthodontist, attorney, building contractor or the like then maybe one new client per week or one new client per month is YOUR number.

Nevertheless, the mindset is the same.

What if you could guarantee a reoccurring, regular rate of new clients?

What would be the impact on your business?

To free yorself from the daily grind of your business and escape the treadmill you MUST answer this question.

Answer the Question

Do you have a system that guarantees new clients?

Advertising is one answer to this question - but, advertising is expensive.

Facebook Ads are the new thing - the internet is buzzing about Facebook Ads. Maybe you've cracked that code already...

If so, congratulations!

If not, maybe it's time to examine the 'acres of diamonds' you could be using right now to capture new customers.

Client Testimonial Videos

If you're any good at all at what you do, you probably have happy clients.

Get them to give you a happy testimonial video.

Do you feel awkward asking for a testimonial?

Professionals often say this is the most difficult step - like asking for praise for a job you've already been paid for. See what the experts say about asking for testimonials.

Yet, your client doesn't feel that way. In their minds, the value in exchange may be FAR ABOVE the price they paid for your service.

Clients are often thrilled when you ask them for a testimonial.

Don't worry - the clients who aren't will simply say no. That's OK - and good feedback, too.

How To Ask For a Testimonial

Use video in your daily job...

  • If you're a landscaper - take a video of the 'before' yard.

  • If you're a dentist - take a video of the patient's mouth before your dental work.

  • If you're a chiropractor - take a video of your patient's posture before you adjust their spine.

You get the idea - incorporate video into your routine so when you sense the client is ready for a testimonial, when they are surprised and delighted with the outcome of your work - you are ready with the video one more time.

The Future is in Video

Everyone is used to video today - your static professional mindset may be what is holding you back.

Your clients may expect you to use new technology in your practice. They may actually be wondering, *"I wonder why my (fill-in-the-blank) professional is not using video?"

"But," you say, "we've never done it this way before..."


That is what will make you different from your competition!

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Once you master the art of asking for the testimonial you've done the hard part.

Now, you just need to use technology to quickly relay your video testimonials to your preferred social media platform.

WOW Promoter App and Kiosk

What is your process?

How do YOU collect video? (HINT: Make sure the PROCESS doesn't depend on YOU - use technology).

The WOW Promoter app and kiosk is a part of your checkout or point-of-sale before the patient or client leaves your premises. Make sure you get your video BEFORE they leave - don't let their WOW moment and it's emotion fade.

The app automatically puts the video on your preferred social media channel (YouTube, Facebook or Instagram).

You get low-cost advertising.

Your CURRENT clients talk to NEW clients via social media.