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Small Business Owners' Social Media Success Tips

Time-saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Prompt Your Customers with Proper Questions for Testimonial Videos

Advertising on Social Media

Which social network you post a client testimonial video will make a BIG difference in your small business advertising success.

To understand WHY ad placement is important, consider the 'sales funnel' concept.

Simple sales funnel.jpg

Many potential customers enter the top of the funnel through brand awareness advertising and, as they journey 'down' the funnel, become increasingly engaged and, finally, become paying customers at the 'end' of the funnel.  

Today, your advertisements can bring awareness, your signage and coupons can educate but, even as your customer is walking into your store or office Googling your web site on their smart phone, they may be researching alternatives right up to the moment they swipe (you hope!) their credit card.

Advertisement to a customer in the Awareness phase of the funnel (now called the Customer Journey) might look very different than advertisement to a customer in the Evaluation phase. 

An example might be a client testimonial video of a thrilled customer (often called a Net Promoter) giving a short, emotional narrative of her experience with your business posted to the business Facebook page.

Advertisements to customers in the Evaluation phase might be a video of the small business owner (you) asking a happy customer a question about the specific feature of your product or service that brought them so much happiness.  You would post this video to your business YouTube channel. 

I'll explain why the difference in just a moment.

The New Sales Funnel:  The Customer Journey

This sales funnel model has existed for many years and is, perhaps, outdated in the internet age. 

Gary DeAsi of TandemSeven does a nice job of explaining how the 'old' sales funnel can be updated to the 'new' customer journey model for the digital age. 

We'll use Gary's image here to expand upon his excellent blogpost:


Gary's model expands upon the sales funnel - he also explains the post-sale customer journey towards brand advocacy which, to me, seems very similar to the Net Promoter Score (R) although Gary does not use that term. 

Social Networks Attract Customers in Different Stages of the Customer Journey

One crucial piece I would add for small businesses who use testimonial videos to advertise to Facebook, YouTube or Instagram is to consider the audience on each of these social networks:

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook brings people scrolling through their News Feed or looking at funny videos - they may not be highly aware of the need for your service. These people do not show 'intent'.

Instagram is a lot like Facebook although infographs allow you to educate potential customers if your product or sevice is complicated.


YouTube brings people with 'intent' - it is the world's second largest search engine - people come to You Tube researching solutions, evaluating requirements of the product or service and quantifying value among alternatives. 

These people are already highly aware of their need for your product or service.

Why Your Audience Matters

When you ask your customer for a testimonial video, you can prompt their testimonial with proper questions.  Sophia Bernazzani of HubSpot asks 10 Testimonial Questions to Ask Your Customers.  Here are some of Sophia's questions that you can specifically ask your clients, depending on where you want to post the video testimonial:

Awareness, Engagement and Education

For potential customers with low brand awareness, ask these prompting questions of your current customer in your testimonial video: 
"What was it like before you had our product or service?" (engagement/education)
"What problems were you trying to solve with our product or service?" (engagement/education)

These testimonial videos would best be posted to your business Facebook Page or Instagram channel.  You have potential customers surfing Facebook and Instagram who, when they see your video, might say, "I have that problem, too!" 

Your video could prompt them to further engage and search out additional information about their problem and investigate solutions (hopefully on YOUR website!)

Evaluation and Justification

For potential customers with 'intent', ask these prompting questions of your current customers in your testimonial video: 
"Where did you start your search?" (researching)
"What features sold you on buying this product or service?" (evaluation)

This testimonial video would best be posted onto your YouTube channel. 

You have potential customers going to YouTube specifically searching for answers.  They may identify with your current customers in the testimonial video.  Your video focused on answering new customer questions can lead them back to your website, landing page or your physical storefront.

How to Make all of this Easy in your Business

Most small business owners - doctors, lawyers, plumbers and hairdressers - don't need this level of analysis to succeed in their small business. 

You simply need to focus on creating amazing customer experiences, exceeding their expectations and getting them to that 'WOW!' moment when they realize your product or service is worthy of a testimonial.

CURRENT customer video testimonials posted to the appropriate social media channel, will talk directly to NEW customers and advertise your business.

You may be happy to learn that technology exists to capture these videos at your checkout counter or front desk and quickly relay the video to the appropriate social network so you can advertise at low cost on the RIGHT social media channel.

Download the App from Google Play

Download the App from Google Play

The technology is the WoW Promoter app on the Google Play store (sorry, no iOS version, yet).  This app runs on an Android Tablet (not an Android phone, sorry) and is set-up at your checkout counter, front desk or waiting room.  

WoW Promoter can provide you with Android tablets and kiosks - desktop or freestanding.

Get low-cost advertising today by downloading the app onto your Android tablet.

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