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How Do I Know When My Customer Loves My Business?

Your customers will tell you when you have exceeded their expectations.

Many small business owners are personally vested in the day-to-day operations of their business. This should give them the incentive to offer a higher level of service and quality. This experience, called ‘surprise and delight’ by Talk Triggers author Jay Baer, could lead to many successful testimonials from happy customers.

But, people may not spontaneously offer their testimonials. They may need to be prompted, or asked.

The Net Promoter Score is a validated prompt small business owners can use

Use the Net Promoter Score - you can simply ask them, "Would you recommend our product or service to a friend or a family member?"

If you are a storefront small business owner, you can use 'prompts' in your office or checkout. This 'prompt' is a poster (see picture below) that hangs on the wall.

Look at the bottom edge of this image. See the 1-10 scale?

Prompt poster in a small business setting

Net Promoter Score Prompt Poster

Display your prompt on the wall or counter-top in a small business setting.

A '9' or a '10' on the scale is a 'Net Promoter' - these people LOVE your business and will readily tell their friends - "You should go to <<<fill-in-the-blank business>>> !"

People will tell you when your business exceeds their expectations.

A ‘7’ or a ‘8’ are passives. They neither love you nor do they hate you. These folks could be easily swayed away from your business by a competitor with a similar offer.

Those who answer ‘0’ to ‘6’ are detractors. For whatever reason, they don’t like you. Right now, we’re not going to focus on them - but we’re not going to forget about how we can learn from our Detractors. More on them later.

For now, let’s just focus on the Promoters. If you just ask a Promoter for a testimonial they will give you one. They will also tell their friends.

How to Calculate your NPS

To calculate your NPS manually, use this simple formula:


(Number of Promoters / Number of Survey-Takers) x 100 = Percentage of Promoters


(Number of Detractors / Number of Survey-Takers) x 100 = Percentage of Detractors


Percentage of Promoters – Percentage of Detractors = NPS®

A Love Story

I first started using tools like the Net Promoter Score several years ago when I had my storefront business (I am a private practice physical therapist).

Clients (we called them patients) would finish their therapy treatment and say to me, “Thank you! You’ve helped me more than the pills or surgeries - I wish I had started this earlier!”

That’s when I realized I needed a way to communicate that moment - that LOVE - to new clients who may also need my service.

I realized if I needed better tools to talk to new clients then other small businesses might need those same tools.

The ‘prompt’ in the blog thumbnail is a high-resolution PDF that prints to 24”x36” and will look nice in your office or small business and encourage your clients to give you feedback on your service.

Someone who scores you a ‘9’ or a ‘10’ is a Net Promoter who will recommend your business to a friend or a family member.

Please download and use the prompt if you give great service to your clients and you want powerful feedback you can use to attract more NEW clients.