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How to Create a Video Loop with Client Testimonial Videos

When you exceed customer expectations in your small business your customer will often let you know.

"But, of course," or "Well, thank you", you humbly reply.

But these moments are marketing gold if you can somehow memorialize their spoken sentiment.

If you can capture the moment, you will have created a video asset that may help you add value and gain more customers for days, weeks or months to come.

You can, of course, whip out your cell phone - "Say, do you mind repeating that while I record you?" - while spontaneous and authentic, seems almost too personal, since it's your cell phone. 

Ditto with their cell phone - besides, now you've tasked your client with sending you the video which is an additional chore they may not want.

Queue the WoW Promoter Kiosk

If you have prepared for these magical marketing moments, you will have a means to capture your customer's testimonial, safely upload the video and post to any variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Yelp. 

Two Ways to Succeed!

Once you capture the video in the WoW Promoter Kiosk, software in the App sends the video to you or your Office Manager.  They merely check to see that the video is suitable for posting - if they were present in your small business where the customer gave the testimonial then this is already done. 

The Office manager then posts to the appropriate social media account that we've already loaded in your software.  Or...

Happy Patients on Your Lobby TV

'Save' the videos onto a thumb drive.  You can create one large file with 10 or 20 happy testimonials.  Save either one big or several small videos onto the thumb drive.  Insert the thumb drive into the back of your Lobby TV.