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This Happiness Scale is an exercise suggested by Y Combinator's Sam Altman for new products, such as Uber. 

When the category doesn't exist (as is the case with Uber and the WoW Promoter) customers need help understanding what 'quality' looks like since no exact comparison product exists.

The Happiness Scale is a one-to-ten scale with Level Ten representing the highest quality the delivers the most Client Happiness.

Quality can be described by the extremes of this Happiness Scale.  The actual product may lie somewhere along the continuum described by the scale.

Levels 1 through 3 – The WoW Promoter worked but it is glitchy, the buttons work but not quickly.  The WiFi is down and the video did not upload.  The Stand was cheap and moved too much.  The Banner image did not reflect the image of the people in the medical office.  The Floor Mat logo was dirty.

Level 5 – The Wow Promoter worked fine.  The video was fine.  The Office Manager was able to post the video automatically to social media.

Level 6 – The WoW Promoter works perfectly.  It draws clients in to push its Big Blue Button and to admire the excellent video quality.  The Stand was stable and the Banner beautiful.  Videos showed happy patients. Many people agreed to give a testimonial when asked.

Level 7 – People came in to see the WoW Promoter their friends were talking about on social media.  They wanted to see where the videos on their social media feed were made and how they were expertly edited so quickly (with the premium upgrade Video Editor).  They wanted to meet the doctor and/or buy the products.  Many people volunteered to give testimonials.

Level 8 – The WoW Promoter exceeds peoples’ expectations tremendously.  Clients began to innovate with the WoW Promoter by sharing personal stories, helpful tips to other people with similar challenges, ask to record their favorite treatment and other, inspired video.

Local network news stations grabbed the videos to highlight the local small businesses and the Chamber of Commerce used the videos to feature their community as a great place to live and work.  Local Newspaper reporters called to write a feature story about the practice.

Level 9 – National Trade Associations saw the videos and gave an award to the small business owner for their excellent service.  National networks used the video when discussing big, national issues related to the small business.

Level 10 – The videos begin to go viral on YouTube.  The phone starts ringing from people and clients from all over the country and all over the world.  Requests come in from other small business owners asking for training, advice and support.  

At this point, the small business owner will be serving so many local, happy customers he will be in a position to replace himself in the business, step away from his business and begin a new chapter in his life.

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