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Small Business Owners' Social Media Success Tips

Time-saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Perils of Purchasing Online Referrals

Thinking of Buying Online Referrals?

Do you want to ‘rent’ or ‘buy’ your new customers?

‘Rented’ customers (those you get by buying online referrals) can disappear when you’re outbid by a competitor down the street offering lower prices.

‘Buying’ customers means you invest in your own marketing and customer connection infrastructure, deliver great service and follow-up after the sale.

Listen to this 36-minute keynote speech from home services professional and internet marketing expert David Squires on the perils and promises of purchasing online referrals for your local services bsmall business (Pro-tip: it gets really good at 30:00).

Compete Against Google

How do you get friends referring your business to their friends, neighbors and family - this may be the social 'glue' that local, small businesses can use to compete with Google, Amazon and Yelp.

These ‘data aggregators’ are trying to usurp your local markets in home services and consumer retail by offering online reviews of local service professionals.

How can you compete?

Roll Your Own

Learn how you can beat Google and Yelp at their own game.

Use video testimonials to solicit online, video reviews (filmed on-site, in your own business and ‘piped’ to the users social media off-site.

Post to your own social media.

Post to your website of canned TV loop.

Word of Mouth on the Web

Get a smartphone in your store or at your checkout counter - take your own videos or use a 3rd party app (WOW Promoter) that eases the process of collecting videos for you.

Control your word of mouth on the web - don’t let Google, Yelp or Amazon control your referrals.