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The Best New Book for Every Small Business Owner to Grow Your Business

Why is Jay's Book the Best Small Business Marketing Book You'll Read this Year?

"The core of the problem is that most marketers are simply more comfortable dealing with media buyers than they are talking to consumers (you know, people).

Decades of disintermediation have left them ill-prepared for the untidiness of Word of Mouth marketing, which is - at base - the art of talking to people."

I started reading Jay Baer and Daniel Lemin’s new book, Talk Triggers, last night and I already am blown away at his insightful observations for small business people.

Every small business owner can gain from Jay’s advice.

The quote above is just in the Forward by Ted Wright.

The best part, later in the book when Jay gets rolling, are the action-oriented tips and strategies Jay and Daniel give us to connect with our customers, clients and patients.

Don’t Have Time to Read Jay’s Entire Book?

Listen to the interview on the Social Media Marketer podcast I have linked here.

Jay gives many of the tips from the book in the podcast in a much shorter format you can listen to in the car.

That’s where I first learned about Jay’s work.

Listen, Learn and Prosper!