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Small Business Owners' Social Media Success Tips

Time-saving Tips for Small Business Owners

Your customers WANT to give you a video testimonial

The work of pioneering psychologist Dr. Robert Cialdini in his book Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion reveals why your customers WANT to give you a testimonial because it is consistent with their initial decision to purchase from your business.

When you ask them for a video testimonial, they will ALMOST ALWAYS want to say ‘Yes!”

Do do otherwise would violate our human need for consistency - we want to remain true to our initial decision to support your business.

Watch the video.

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Net Promoter Score Benchmarks for your Small Business

When I was growing up, my little brother and I would compare ourselves with each other - we specifically compared our height which Dad would mark on the doorframe with a line, the date and our names. Dad started when we were very little and as we grew, the lines started marching up the the door frame. When Mike, my brother, would hit a growth spurt his line would briefly catch-up to mine but then I would hit my growth spurt and I would advance again.

Eventually, my line merged with Mike as we hit adulthood.

Why should you care?

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Perils of Purchasing Online Referrals

Do you want to ‘rent’ or ‘buy’ your new customers?

‘Rented’ customers (those you get by buying online referrals) can disappear when you’re outbid by a competitor down the street offering lower prices.

‘Buying’ customers means you invest in your own marketing and customer connection infrastructure, deliver great service and follow-up after the sale.

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