Why Testimonial Videos in Small Business?

Allow your clients to tell your story for you - use their words on social media AND on Google Reviews to attract new customers. 

Word of Mouth on the Web (R)

Control the process from your AMAZING client experience to the post on Facebook, YouTube or Google Reviews - today, most businesses NEED great Google Reviews - use the WOW Promoter to help you get them.


The proprietary voice-to-text software converts the audio track into a text file which is then emailed to the customer's email - which they then post to YOUR Google My Business page

Break ahead of your competition today! 

You may already be the BEST in your profession... so letyour BEST customers to tell YOUR story in their OWN words.

We're so confident the kiosk will help you get video testimonials, we're willing to give your the app for FREE

You get Reviews !!

The kiosk creates videos of your customers in your office

You've seen the power of 'social proof' - written and video testimonials online on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.


Now, you can get video testimonial reviews every day, for your business!


Powerful video testimonials from clients telling YOUR story in THEIR words.

Advertise on Social Media

NEW customers will see CURRENT customers and will gain confidence in your skills when they see their friends make online video referrals.

Save Money on Advertising Spend

NEW customers will be reassured that you are the best business for their needs and they will schedule an appointment or buy your product.

Vision Statement

Small business owners build the backbone of our communities - WOW Promoter seeks to demonstrate the good works that happen behind closed doors EVERY DAY - without expensive advertising or time-consuming social media posting! 

We want to help every small business owner in the world share the positive experience of their BEST customers on social media with video testimonials.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to discover, describe and record EVERY SINGLE STEP in the process to capture client video testimonials and publish your BEST videos to social media.


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