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Get. More. Clients.

Word of Mouth advertising is the secret weapon of the small business owner


People LOVE to share content about people, products and businesses they use.

Social media is the new, low-cost advertising tool for small businesses with GREAT word of mouth. Advertise on the Web with video client testimonials from your BEST customers.

According to Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be represented by video by 2019. So there’s little wonder Google is eager to rank sites that can offer its users video content.

This is where the WOW Promoter App or Video Kiosk can help you - the WOW promoter will ask your client to give a video testimonial before they leave your office. You can use the video testimonial to tell YOUR story and advertise on social media.

The videos you collect are essentially FREE ADVERTISING that you keep - they are an ASSET your busines owns and the longer you keep the WOW Promoter and all the videos the more valuable they become! 

The best part is this - the App and the Kiosk are fully automatic! 

The WoW Promoter app sends the video to your account (your Office Manager can approve or reject any video or photo) so that ONLY positive, happy customers are displayed. 

YOU control the process.  If you see TEN new customers a day, could you ask FIVE of them to give you a testimonial?  Of the FIVE, could you use TWO of the BEST testimonials? 

What would TWO amazing testimonials posted automatically, every day, to your business Facebook page or website do for you?

Dominate social media in your community - while you sleep!

The WoW Promoter Kiosk is composed of these items:

2.   The Kiosk (both the Desktop model and the Freestanding model are pictured on this page)

3.    The S3 Galaxy Tablet with 1080p HD front-facing camcorder. 

4.    The software application, “the App”, that prompts happy customers to give you their video testimonial in the tablet, sends the completed video to your Office Manager for approval and then automatically posts the video to the social media page(s) of your choice. 

Kiosk and Poster.jpg

The Free-standing Kiosk (tablet not shown) is shown with the prompt poster designed to encourage customers to rate their experience with your product or service.

A '9' or a '10' on a 10-point scale is a 'Net Promoter' and these people are asked to give a testimonial.


61% of people would tell friends and family about a positive experience in your business, clinic or store, according to TERADATA.


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